“Thank you for putting it all together. Your willingness to work with us rather than simply for us has greatly enhanced our project and our sanity. We’ve been especially impressed with your creativity and fairness. Your willingness to let us pour over your estimates greatly calmed our fears. Your exceptional assistance in letting us do so much of the work ourselves has made this especially valuable.”

Bob and Kathryn

“Steve and I want to say thanks again for being such a good contractor. It was easy to work with you and we appreciated how conscientious and hard working you were. You were very thorough and exact with all your figures and explanations. We would definitely recommend you to our friends.”

Susan and Steve

“Thank you for all of the work you did on our house. We are really happy with how it turned out and as we slowly unpack and dust everything off, it’s finally starting to feel like home. I can’t tell you how impressed I have been with the professionalism of the crew and subs. No on ever believes me when I tell them this was an enjoyable project (at least most of the time) and that’s mainly due to having such nice people to work with, including yourself. I have really appreciated your intelligence, creativity and tolerance of my ‘finicky-ness’.”


“I want to commend you on the job you did on the Walsh’s house. We appreciate working with a contractor who does outstanding, quality work and carries through with such particular attention to detail. The house, with all of its special design features, was completed just as we envisioned. The layout of the stair was quite involved and came out very well. I appreciated your assistance with details, such as the glass doors for the china closet and the disappearing doors at the bar. Your company does a good job of accounting for costs. Your eye on the budget was most helpful and your search for good sub-contractors helped the client get the best value.”

Audrey Van Horne, for Van Horne & Van Horne

“We want to thank you and let you know how very much we appreciate all the hard work, thought, care and professionalism you put into our job. We love the house now, and on top of getting to brag about how nice it is, and the fact that it’s entered into the REX awards contest, we have the pleasure of being about the only people we know who can brag that living for seven month with our remodeling crew was actually not an unpleasant experience! I’ll just tell you exactly what I told Dave V. when I thanked him for recommending you:

‘We could not be happier that things turned out this way, because in addition to having your great design to work with, we believe that the reason the whole project was a smashing, spectacular, success without a single complaint to be had is because of Dave Weitzel and the incomparable Dave States.  I  cannot imagine a foreman with more reserve and patience and cheerful good will toward clients than Dave States.  And his side man Craig was a delight.  Always at work, always willing and able; always concerned that he did the quality work he knew Dave Weitzel expected, even if it was with “flimsy earth tools”, as he called them.  We lived in our torn up house for nearly seven months with two guys showing up every single day at 7am and never had a single cross moment or loss of patience.  It may sound crazy, but I actually felt sort of sorry to see them leave at the end of the job and I miss them now!  That they pull that off so successfully is the highest recommendation I can imagine for any future client you recommended to Weitzel Construction.’

We feel lucky you were available, and we thank you for such a beautiful, professional, top-quality job that has so vastly increased our enjoyment of our home life.”

Lindsay & David

“It is irresistible to sit and write down some thoughts.  Specifically because today it’s the one year anniversary of our grand move.  When I stop to contemplate these momentous occurrences I am amazed.  Do you remember the 2/3 garage stuffed and stacked with our belongings?  I am sure you remember all the long nights of work and the meetings.  There were many good times and reasonably good dinners.  I hope you enjoyed the camaraderie.  Now that the last dollar is enclosed I really just wanted to thank you.  Personally, I always appreciated the respect you gave me, really listened to my opinions, and gave informative feedback.  The result has been well worth the time and effort.  I hope you feel as proud of your accomplishments as we feel in owning it.”